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Mariemaman 14 Mar — 18h Have a lovely day, Mary x. Le cours euros-CHF est de 1. The latest piece I bought there were their linen see-though t-shirts made in Portugal 3 years ago. Je dois avoir perdu mes habitudes parisiennes….

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Who and what are we really inspired Despite having three sisters, divorced parents, and a three year old nephew, I love holiday shopping. When I used to be a student in Toulouse, Zara was the go-to store.

Zayra — Trop c’est trop текст и перевод песни

Why should zqyra group wear it, but not another? Mango is also a great shop for affordable t-shirts and sweaters etc and I just bought a beautiful coat from there that looks a lot more expensive than it actually was.

And I stay away from the dresses, they look wonderful on the rack and then I put them on and they have often a very weird fit. You actually have incredible well written articles. Ahhhh enfin un post que je peux commenter! I am still waiting when designers will get it! Have a lovely day!

Zayra — Trop c’est trop текст и перевод песни

To conclude, this is a really useful post and Zara is definetely my favourite shop! Sinon je note les conseils Zara: Hahaha your guide is spot-on! Je dois avoir perdu mes habitudes parisiennes…. Thanks for the great advice, I will add it!!


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Ils sont souvent en similicuir, les chaussures font donc mal aux pieds et ne les laissent pas respirer. Dead on with suggestions and advices. I really dream of coming out of Zara with my zayraa full, or at least 1 hand.

And yes, with those items that are almost straight copies of popular designer items, I get drawn in immediately but have to step zayrz and realize their short life-span as sad imposters. I am glad you made this guide and I will ask the sales lady for the deliveries day.

It is difficult to spot something relatively unique, for instance, the fake-leather peplum top and know what you will do with it without the runway models demonstrating what estt takes to be chic.

Thank You for the advice: Juste en passant comme ca, ca fait plaisir que tu parles de Geraldine dans ton blog. So the best thing to do would be stop by every Thursday evening when everything was still there.

Jeans just does not work for me — either to uncomfortable, or a cheap looking wash.

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Finally, they usually have awesome scarves, in totally original prints and sublime materials. Hi, I do agree with your shopping method at Zara. And because two shelves away you can find something more original and less obvious.


Hello alice, Merci pour ton message et tes astuces. Les chemisiers un peu flous sont pour moi des basiques de garde robe.

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I have this one scarf that I found at sale season, all alone and hidden. Elles est pas belle la vie! I agree with you in that the sweaters are no good, for that I always buy in Uniqlo, fantastic quality and great price! Checking them out now! I have had the best luck with: I know if I ever need a new outfit I can always go to Zara and find what I need.

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